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DIY 316 Brakes.....The 316 that I'm converting to electric needed a brake job. Massive search effort and I never saw a set of brake shoes that looked like mine. So I decided to simply reline the shoes...DONE! Now I needed spring to hold the shoes against the back plate and springs to close the brake shoes....No luck finding anything local and I want to get this project finished. So ACE was the place for a few springs. The backing springs were made from cutting a spring in half and anchoring it with a couple piecec of threaded rod that will be sealed over with 3M 5200 adhesive/caulk. The closing springs required a couple little hooks to attach the springs to the shoes....DONE! Work beautifully....Now we can move forward with the conversion. View attachment 287018
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What material did you use for the lining. Thanks!
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