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Draft arms for 34 inch mowwr decks

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The Deere parts web site shows AM30832 and AM30833 as being the draft arms on all 34" mower decks. I have three 34" decks. The draft arms on the brass-tag deck that supposedly came off a model 60 tractor are about 1/2" longer than are the draft arms on the decks that I got with model 70 and 100 tractors. What gives? I'd think the difference in draft arm lengths would also make a difference in engine-to-mower drive belts, but again the parts site shows the same drive belt for all 34" decks.
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I suspect as far as belts are concerned that slight difference in draft arm length makes no difference to the belt. Remember the deck pulley is on a pivot that will more than make up for that just as it makes up for the belt stretching. Roger
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