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Dumb 210 Wiring questions

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My 2005 X475 with about 375 hours on it suddenly died the other day. Dash lights wouldn't work but headlights worked. After poking around I found a 15 AMP fuse that was blown (the lower one of the 2 fuses in the block). I replaced the fuse, everything was fine, then after about 5 minutes of mowing, fuse blew again. Replaced it again and ran just the tractor, no mower, tractor ran fine. I suspect it's something with the PTO...could this be the switch or something worse?
Thanks in advance,
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One of the wires going to the PTO has the insulation worn through and shorting out or the PTO is going bad and drawing more than 15 AMPs. Hopefully it is the wire as it will be harder to find but cheaper to fix. Welcome to WFM. Roger
That was exactly it, the wire from the switch to the solenoid passed by the rockshaft and the insulation was worn off. I think raising and lowering the deck was what tripped it when the PTO was engaged. A little electrical tape was a good temporary fix, going to put something else on it later this week. Thanks!
P.S. I was a member several years ago but it appears that my username was deleted so I had to re-register.
I just bought a new coil from my local JD place. It has a positive and a negative pole. Where do the wires from the condensor and points connect? Positive or negative. There is also a wire that goes to the key switch or something in front that hooks to the other pole I think.

Is there a diagram of where the wires connect to the coil?
The wires from the points and the condenser connect to the - negative.

The wire that gets positive 12v from the ignition goes to the + terminal. The wire coming from the points goes to the - terminal. The condenser also goes to the - terminal. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the answers, folk. I really appreciate it and have saved the diagram.
always have two. Thata-way, when you take one tractor apart, you look at the other!!

Works for me............
I agree with Scott Reynolds. Own at least two very similar tractors, and only take one apart at a time. If you get stuck putting one back together, it's important to NOT take the other one apart to see how things fit. Doing that will make it snow that night or something even worse.
.....exactly.Trust him when he tells you..............
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