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Dumb question

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Will a 425 transaxle be compatible to go into a X495? I have someone with a X495 that his PTO bearing ruined his transaxle and is interested in mine out of a 425.
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Are the transmissions the same JD part number? If not then unless you and the person who owns the tractor like fabrication I wouldn't do it to someone's tractor who isn't a handyman. Roger
I tried to look that up and I could not find a JD part # for a complete part number. I check various misc parts and some are the same and some ore not.
First search for 425. Then alphabetical search for transmission. The last items in the list are transmissions. Two different ones were used for 2 wheel steer. Part numbers AM115781 and AM 128667. Neither was used in anything but 425, 445, 455 series tractors according to "where used" search. Roger

Thanks for that and I did see that now that you explained. I did advise that to the prospective buyer that I was not convinced that it would work. He checked with his dealer who said that it would.

Not really sure it is my problem now that he bought it knowing my stance.
Georg always the best way to sell things. Roger
I blew a belt on my mower deck, and when I went to order a new one, the belt they had listed said it was for a 46" deck, but my deck is listed as a 47". Are these the same belt? I imagine they are I just want to make sure they are before I order one, wait a couple weeks for it to get to AK and then find out its the wrong one.
a model 47 deck is 46" wide. but there are also models 46 and 48 for the hydro tractors

what tractor is this on?
its an 81' 216 with electric lift. I'm guessing I have the model 47 not a 47".
I think it is belt M47998 that you want, hopefully another member can confirm
Josh you can look it up yourself at www.jdparts.com. Then you would know. Roger

I had actually gone to JD parts and got 3 possibilities, with limited explanation.

M45998 V-BELT 1 - 205468 (A) DRIVE (47) 2.111 M (83.10")
M47043 V-BELT 1 205469 - (A) DRIVE (47) 2.014 M (79.30")
M47765 BELT 1 (B) DRIVE (47) 2.134 M (84.00") (SUB FOR M89327)
This is where I was getting confused, because every place I check lists a different part number for the deck belt. K B, do you know which of those is correct?
Josh and Roger, I finally got a chance to check, and my grandfather wrote m47765 47 deck to engine in the manual that came with his 214 manual pto.
Hey guys I got that belt and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

Now my next dumb question:
A guy local to me has what he thinks is a model 37A snowblower. He sent me the serial number, but I couldn't tell if it was one that would work with my machine or not so I'm hoping one of you can confirm fitment.
serial # M02461X595779, it says 38 INCH ST below the serial number. Thanks again for any help.
The 37a (and the 37 for that matter) is intended for the 200 series. The 37's were made for the 110/112 square fender units and work equally well on 200 series.

I have one each, but don't know the serial number.
the only thing I see on my sheet is a m2462 which fits 320, gt242, gt262 and gt275.

can you get a picture? or ask if it has a mounting frame that goes back under the tractor.
Josh that is not one for your 214. Next generation 200 series not yours. Roger
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