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Early 214 muffler and shroud versus later models

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I have a 455 with the 60" deck. I use a PowerFlow unit with an MC519 cart to pick up leaves in the fall, but during the mowing season, I have just been discharging. I use Gator blades and in general I am happy with the results - they do seem to do a bit better job chopping up the clippings. But in the spring, or really anytime the grass gets extra long, I get some clumps. It's hard for me to get the MC519 cart out from storage, so I either have to rake (never!) or live with the clumps.

When I had a 48" deck and before the PowerFlow and MC519, I installed a mulch kit which did a nice job - really didn't clump at all unless the grass was wet. The mulch kit has a gate that you can adjust, or remove completely, to switch it over to discharging, to some extent. My question is whether I need to remove the entire mulch kit, or just the gate, to use the PowerFlow to pick up leaves? I'd assume I'd be giving up some leaf pickup power, as even without the gate in place, the discharge is not as wide open as not having the mulch kit at all.

For mowing in conditions what I might get clumps, another option I have been thinking of is mounting the PowerFlow head and discharge tube, but not the cart, and mowing with a rooster tail of clippings to help disperse them. This has the advantage of being free, of course.

I'm interested in others' thoughts, and particularly in any experience using a PowerFlow with the mulch kit installed on a deck. Thanks!

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Tim -

I can't really comment on your mulch V: discharge issues , but can say that I hate those clumps also . I have the same set up , only different in that my 93 445 with 60" deck does not have the mulch capability .

Just wanted to say that I just two days ago , ordered the Meg-Mo system for my unit and am chompin' at the bit to try them out this spring . My neighbor and I (he has same outfit as I do) , have been talking about getting them for the last few months . I went and pulled the trigger first , so we'll see how it goes with the clumping . These blades seem to have good reviews , but are definitely an $investment$ at 200+ for a set .

Thanks Dave! I like the design of the Meg-Mo setup - looks like it would shrug off rock and debris hits, and have a lot of momentum to carry it through tough stuff. I'll look forward to hearing your report.

Hey Guys,

I just posted a request for some advice on my Power Flo Set-up w/60" Deck for my JD455. It's posted as of todays date Oct. 7, 2012, titled: "JD455 60' Deck Hardware required to hook up Power Flo Blower", is there any guidance either of you could provide?
Are the early 214 muffler shrouds the same as the later models?

No. The shroud changed when JD change from mesh to slated side panels. The reason all that happened is JD changed the airflow pattern on tractors. Roger
Thanks for your reply .
I suppose the muffler didnt change with the side panels.
I am pretty sure it is the same muffler, the shielding is just different
Dan a quick look at www.jdparts.com would tell you if the mufflers are the same or not. If the part number changed so did the muffler. Roger
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