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Easy Way to install 318 mower deck?

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Is there an Easy Way to install or proper way to install a 318 mower deck. Took it off last Fall to install my bucket / blade and it took way to long to re-install just now.
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Bill this is the easiest way I have found to remove and install a deck on a 300 series tractor. I use a floor jack to lift the front of the tractor off the ground in this procedure so I don't have to disconnect the mule drive from the deck. The J pins on some decks can be a pain to remove and install, so here goes.

Step 1. Remove the grill

2. Loosen the belt tension knob enough to remove the belt from the deck pulley.

3. Disconnect the lift arms from the draft arms.

4. Disconnect the draft arms from the tractor frame.

5. Remove the belt from the engine pulley.

6. Grab the mule drive and pull it forward and drop it off it's mount in the frame.

7. Put a floor jack under the LH frame rail and jack the front end up high enough to slide the deck and mule drive out the RH side of the tractor.

8. Let the jack down and install the grill.

Install in reverse order.

I can have the deck off in less than 5 minutes doing it this way.

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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