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Engine identification

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pretty simple. does anyone know if the brackets off a newer x series will work on the 4x5 series? im looking at a nice curtis cab for 200$ but it doesnt have the mounts for the front of the cab. any help would be appreciated.
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I doubt it as the fender deck is completely different. You might call Curtis as they would know for sure. Roger
thanks, i was thinking of it in terms of the similarities frame wise. you couldnt get a very good seal with different fenders.
just wanted to clarify what engine I have since I need to purchase some rebuild parts.

john deere references an A and B short block


I have a JD 214 serial number 057294M with the original 14 Kohler engine.
The engine spec is 60270d and serial number is 7229792.

I assume this is the (A) but just wanted to check.

James, if I understand your question correctly the JD parts catalog (A) reference is referring to a replacement short block only. If your tractor truly has the original Kohler engine in it then you would order internal engine parts based on the specific Kohler model (K321AQS) and spec #. If your engine has had its short block replaced then you would order internal engine parts based on the specific short block number.
Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response. I definitely have the original K321 in the 214. I guess my confusion is that in the JD parts catalog I do not see any reference to parts based on the Spec # 60270d but I do see a reference to internal parts by either the (A) or (B) short block serial number. I can't find those short block serial numbers on my engine.
I was at the machine shop where I have a K301. I asked him about the internal parts and serial/specs etc.

He said all that means nothing to him as all internal items are the same. The spec is for the engine block with or w/o mounting tabs. The fuel pump. Engine shroud. Crank shaft PTO etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.
James short block numbers are only on replaced short blocks. They will not be on original engines. The short blocks came with a small tag you added to the original shroud. I am not sure you know this but when you did a short block you reused most of your engine. That would include flywheel, ignition system, charging system, carburetor, air cleaner, shrouds, sometimes head but not always, oil pan and so one, You just got a new block and all the internal parts. Roger
Thanks for the information. Very helpful !
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