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Engine numbers K 321

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Do the 214 and the 314 share the same spec numbered Kohler engine? Are they directly interchangeable? I have one of each of these machines; and am contemplating a repower or rebuild of the 314 (which is currently stored 30 miles away) based on numbers on my 214, which I have here.
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I need to repower or rebuild the 314's engine; I have a line on a new shortblock and am trying to determine whether this s/b will work on the 314.
The engine mounts on my 316's are completely different than the ones on my 214 and 212. I think the mounts on your 314 will be like the ones on my 316's, cast into the side of the engine block, where the 200 series bolt to the oil pan.

Yeah I was noticing that as I've had the 214 hanging from the come along for the better part of the day putting the front 1/2 back together from a manual lift headache; I have a Kohler 16 HP sitting here with a hole in the block (not from a JD but an Ariens) and I see the difference; I do know that the engine sits 90* "rotated" in the chassis on the 314 vs how it sits in the 214!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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