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Engine oil cooler

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Has anyone added an oil cooler for the engine??
I would guess to add an adapter at the oil filter and then pipe to a remote mounted heat exchanger.
Any ideas guys?
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I agree with the comments both Dennis and David about the inefficiencies of the Kohlers and Onan. The extremes that these motors run at would have to be compensated for with the addition of an oil cooler. If used all the time it would keep the engine too cold. There would have to be a way to monitor how the cooler was used.

Just look at any modern automobile and all the monitoring equipment they have on them. My truck can tell me my average gas mileage. If all this was added to engines like the Kohler and Onan, it would result in a very expensive engine and unmanageable in lawn and Garden tractors. The other choice is just buy a new one at big bucks. Or repower with the newer and improved engines.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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