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Engine Shutting Down with PTO On

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When I am running my 314 with the PTO on the tractor shuts down. This happens with and with out a the mower deck. I jumped out the seat switch to eliminate it and checked all the wiring for loose connections. Would the PTO switch or clutch have something to do with this?


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I had this happen to me on my 318, ended up being the voltage regulator which was allowing too much voltage to the battery 16 -18 volts.
I connected a volt meter to the battery when I was running the unit, monitoring the voltage continuously prior to engine shut down, when the engine shut down from over voltage lets say 17 continuous volts, then after shutdown voltage would drop to 13.84 volts the automatic shutdown device would reset itself & I could start the engine again.
Give it a try to check you charging system out, this could also be your problem.
I had this same problem on a 140, I found a short in the wire to the pto. The wire shorted out on a clip supporting it at the front of the motor. this caused the voltage to draw down and killed the spark.
Wayne, Richard:

Thanks for the help. I am still pretty new to this. I found that the PTO coil is reading 0.9 ohms. Time to replace the coil!

Thanks again for your help.

I just got done fixing the exact same problem on my 314 and it was the clutch coil, however my clutch coil was very smoked, you could smell it and see it was bad, since the replacement I haven,t had anymore problems other than a deck belt, but I seen that one coming
I wonder if there is a way to put a spacer between the coil and the engine block. The excess heat that the block puts off probably contributes the the degredation of the coil insulation. I am going to try to put a spacer in.

The position and spacing of the PTO relative to the crankshaft is critical and should not be changed. Alignment with the other pulleys of the mule drive is just a part of the equation -- the clutch stack-up and internal spacing would also be effected. These clutches are designed for use on the engine crankshaft (a thermal path for sure) and in close proximity to the engine itself, so I doubt that any perceptible service life improvement would be had by changing the distance from the currently mounted position.

Also, be sure to restore the seat safety function when you are finished trouble shooting your PTO issues.

455 differential Lock foot button stays down

Under the foot rest is a torsion spring, but the way it is wound wants to pull the pedal down.

Following the linkage to the rear end, I can see no other springs.

Any suggestions?
Hey Dude, are you sure that the tiny set screw didn't just come loose and the red button slid down on that control rod? Bet money it did. They're great for that. Good luck. Fred
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