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ever wonder what the MSRP of your john deere model when it was new ?

below is a long list that covers many john deere models.


enjoy the walk back in time.

applying the appropriate inflation factor is always a fun exercise to compare to new model's MSRPs and what your machine would cost in today's $.



2017 John Deere X738, 60" auto-connect deck, purchased sept 2017
1986 John Deere 316, 50" deck, G6 Gator blades - original owner, purchased jan 1987 - RIP
2010 Cyclone Rake Z10

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I moved this to the Technical FAQ section, since it's not hydrostatic drive tractor specific.

The following price guide from 2003 (see attachment) has been floating around WFM for over 10 years and covers models from 1977 to 2003 and shows prices of attachments, shipping weight, horsepower ratings, used prices, etc.


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