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Finished up the 140 today!

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It was a lot of work but worth it (to me)

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In the Deere Barn next to it's little brothers (110, 140 H1)



Maybe.....This Winter!
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dan very nice collection you've got there.
have you thought of throwing a few patio's in the mix?

wow...real nice. did you use truck bed coating for the foot tread area?

You got to keep at least one in work clothes! Thats a fine looking fleet. Nothing more satisfying than looking at them when finished.

Beautiful Dan! That is awesome!
Dan, You really know how to make em flat man, nice work. You still have time for customer work, LOL.
That base/clear paint really looks nice. I too think you should do some customer work.


Those look really nice!!

Great work!

Hello Dan,yes that is a very nice machine and I agree that you need a Patio in there,Joe.
Thanks everyone!
The foot treads came from Hapco and fit very well.
I've got to take the fender pan off again.
I thought I had the creep fixed but no.......
About at my wits end trying to solve this problem.
I've replaced most all the linkage, etc. and cannot get it to hold neutral. (yes, I have the shop manual)
I've noticed that if I do get it to sit still and, for example, raise the deck it will start to creep in reverse.
Reckon what's up with that?
Dan they look very nice looks like the next one was a Deere factory tractor black frame.I got one out of Davenport works 15 years ago that had a black frame.I repainted it and kept the black frame and it looked sharp wish I still had it.
Mark, I think some PO painted it black.
I had to rush that 140 into service for a friend whose 400 blew up. When I power washed it a lot of the black came off and it showed green paint under.

If it turns out to be a good runner I'll finish it up this winter.
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Dan I have worked on a lot of hydro's and sometimes find one that is hard to get a good neutral adjustment. My thoughts are it is worn or pitted valve plates inside that cause that problem.

I have one now that is very sensitive and I am just waiting till I have time to put it on the bench and tear it down.

Another thing I have noticed is they will have a tendency to start abruptly, not a smooth transition from stop to go.
Anybody ever put a 54 inch mower deck from a LX288 on a LX277? Wheelbases and tire sizes are the same. See any reason why it won't go on? 42 and 48 inch were originally sold with the LX277, but I'd like bigger. Specs indicate only 1 hp difference.
I am sure the 54" deck will work fine. I don't think power is an issue. My LX277 has a 48C deck and the tractor plays with it.
I've now put a 54" deck off a 345 under my LX277. All works OK except the "draft link", big up-front U-bolt assembly, is narrower on the LX Series than on a 345. Anybody have a part or bundle number for that LX tractor series draft link? I can't seem to find it anyplace on the JD parts site. Know what the JD shop sells it for?
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