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First 112

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This is my very first round fender but its in pretty ruff shape I want to get it running with intentions of restoring it later. I have never worked on a Tecumseh before. When I bought the tractor the spark plug and the spark plug wire is missing. It looks like it had a coil on it at one point because it has a condenser and a power wire coming from the key switch.
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Do all Tecumseh engines have a solid state ignition system or did some have a coil?
early ones - ones on round fenders had a coil
For what its worth Adam Tecumseh RF 112s used the same coil, points and condenser as Kohler powered 110s did. They might of had different part numbers from Tecumseh and Kohler but were in fact the same thing. Roger
Thanks for the help guys I never knew that the older Tecumseh's had a coil. I haven't had to much to really take a good look at it yet, but I am really excited to tear into it this weekend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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