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Flat black or gloss black

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The other day I took the rear pan off my 425 to find a small leak on my hydro. There was fluid on top of the hydro between the dipstick and the vent cap. My question is, does the vent cap just slide on the top or should it be attached to something? If seems like it just comes off and on very easily.
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I'm not sure if it comes out or not, but it's part number AM878422 and per JD Parts it's in two parts and is called a vent valve. About $20. You may check with your JD dealer and they may even have one in stock that you can inspect to see how it may attach to the transmission. It shouldn't attach to anything but will slide into the hole in the transmission.
Thanks for the reply Terry. I will have to do some investigating, because the rubber cap was not connected to the white piece down in the hole. Which would explain why it was loose.
Kevin ... if you are still checking this thread, here is a picture of the inside of a new vent. The white plastic part should have rubber bonded to it and it slips into the top cap by putting one side in the flap/slot in the inside top of the cap and then stretching the other flap over the other side of the white plastic part. Hope that makes sense. It's fairly cheap as JD parts go. I had a leak, got a new one, but changed fluid in the transaxle by the time it came in, and the leak went away, so it's here if I need it.
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Thanks Bob, My rubber cap is separated from the white piece and the cap was more or less laying over top of the hole. Looks like a new vent is in order.
so was most of the black paint John Deere used gloss or flat? such as the gas tank, grill, the snow blade had black on it..etc? thanks
No and No. Blitz black was used. It is the name Deere gave their highly overpriced semi-gloss black.

I buy the same thing from NAPA or WalMart. Look for Krylon BBQ & Stove item number 1618

Trust me when I tell you.. Same thing.
Scott, my 212 muffler is all rusted up (not the shield)... what is the original color on it? Is it painted at all?
The muffler? All you see is the end of it right?

I would guess flat black. Probably painted when new and burned off to turn rusty?
I know the two cyl folks want the restored unit to look original. Then I tell 'em. Paint the entire engine green and the paint burns off the manifold/exhaust pipe and muffler. That is original. These Kohler engines were painted all black. If you want it original, look in the manual. You can see the carb is black where they painted it with the air filter in place and not painted where the paint can't reach it. That is original. Half the carb black and half bare metal/aluminum.
Yes the mufflers were painted use a high temp paint I go with a flat black . When its dry matches the blitz black also.
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