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Flat top fenders

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I am looking to build a mini 4020 for my son. Is anyone aware of where I could find flat top fenders to fit a JD 110? Any help is much appreciated!
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The people that have made custom tractors here generally make the fenders themselves. It probably will not be something you can buy and bolt on. If the tractor is for your son leave it as a wide front tractor as narrow fronts are very tippy. Another option would be to start with a 1968 and newer 110 as that will have flat top fenders. Lastly welcome to WFM. Roger
May be easier to borrow some from an off brand tractor that resemble the look you are wanting. Welcome to site, lots of knowledge here. Good luck with project.
Andy I shot your email over to Sammy hopefully he will get in touch with you
Andy, I think case fender might be something you can make work.

Check yesterday's tractor, maybe two or three yrs ago.
I think that's where I saw a real nice set made by a guy who made jigs to bend the edges and the main bend. They looked real great and he had pics to show how to do,it.
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