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Found cheap replacement carbs

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on some pushmower with tecumseh engines the carbs wil swap right in. but they have a primer instead of a choke.put one on a 60 and a 70 today and they run great
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What model/HP of Tecumseh engine are they off of. In other words how about a part number, where did you buy them or picture. Roger
it came off 3.5 hp thata a few years ago for $5 i got at auction. you have to use the origional intake tube and the new air cleaner assembly. engine is a model v100 i think will try to load pics
Shannon they may fit and even run but that is a much smaller carburetor than the original one on a 70. If you look down the throat the venturi is much smaller on the 3.5 HP. I have both carbs sitting on my work table and there is a lot of size difference. Roger
i guess i never looked at that just put it on and ran

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all i can say is this one worked and it runs great
they fire right up when cold andd after sitting for 3 months
I would guess if you were to load the tractor down a lot you would run into problems since it was for a smaller engine, but for putt'in around it would probably work fine.
Mike i use one of the 70's to mow with, pulls it just fine with me on it. I have a blower on the other that I have not put under load yet
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