I'm looking for a complete manual angle kit for a 43/54" front blade.

I'm located in Edinburg, VA.

I can purchase outright, or offer the following items in trade or partial trade:
  • Power-Flow blower for 46" deck, with brackets, double pulley and chute
  • 2 bag bagging attachment (I don't know which machine it's from, but comes with mount and can probably be adapted to many different models)
  • K181 engine from 1973 110, not stuck but not running
  • Complete rear lift mechanism, for 110/112SF and 200 series
  • Like-new pump for 42" hydraulic tiller (only used 2 times)
  • 42" tiller frame, for 345
  • Hydraulic hoses for 30" hydraulic tiller, new old stock
Please email if you've got one: [email protected]