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Free To Me Round Fender 110

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I will be picking this up in the next week or two. I believe it's a '64.

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You should buy some lottery tickets while your picking it up. Nice find & we want more pics once you get it home.
What are the Lotto numbers next week Terry? Another nice find!!!
Terry , sorry if this is prying , but your thread title does say "free to me" . Was the guy going to scrap it ?
Dave, I don't know his intentions, but I was in the right place at the right time sort of thing.
Terry, you are running out of room in your shed!! Lucky guy!!
Mr Terry don't waste your money buying lottery tickets.
You just need to buy 1 lottery ticket.
Congratulations, hope it is a easy fixer upper.
Nothing much better then a Freebie!

Good for you Man!

Congratulations on the well deserved free 64 Terry. And the other 2 round fenders. Wow, what a find.
Terry Reed, the intergalactic commander and chief of the deal! Wow Terry! Your on a roll with the RF finds, thanks for hooking me up buddy! Adam
Thanks, guys. I'm supposed to go get it tomorrow. I will post pictures of it when I do. This thing just sort of fell into my lap. It pays to have my RF calendar in my cubicle at work - it gets attention to where I get leads. This free one and the ones in the basement that I got last week, which also yielded one for Adam.
I got the 64 home this morning. The guy thought the rear end was locked up, but it wasn't. It had sunken into the ground and wouldn't move. I air up one front tire and after rocking it a bit, it roll right nicely.

We got it home and spray a bit of starting fluid and hooked up a jump box, and it started right up. The choke cable isn't attached, and the starter generator may be loose or not charging, but it ran. I scrounged some gas up since the tank was totally dry and it ran for a few minutes until I shut her off. It smoke quite a bit when first started, but ease up a bit after a while. The ignition switch is almost frozen, so I have to sprayed it with some lubricant to see if it will loosen up a bit. We put in gear and it moved. The guy's dad put a hinged bracket on the one side of the shifter locking out that side. Tires are dry rotted, but it's complete. If I remember it's serial number 9783 which puts it in the middle of that year.

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A couple of thoughts Terry... Looking at your several fortunate round fender finds recently, I am envious of both the little tractors - of which I have only laid eyes on one in all my years; and secondly of a climate that boasts NO SNOW! I had to pull up the big map again to remind me of just how far south you actually are. As I type this my view out the window beside my desk features a cold sunny day with a forest full of white stuff - it truly is the Great White North...
T.C., yeah we are usually bless with no snow, but we do get some occasionally. Last winter we got quite a bit of snow, but not much this year. As I was picking this one up, it was sleeting a bit mixed in with a few flurries. And it's supposed to snow later today and more tomorrow. Not much by your standards up north, but enough here to cause some road hazards.
So straight and beautifully original in appearance Terry, great rescue.....
If it was mine I'd leave it exactly as found cosmetically, only original once as you well know.

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