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Front Weight Bracket For RFs

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I have a semi-homemade weight bracket on my '66 110. I say semi-homemade, because it's two OEM parts bolted together. The part that mounts to the frame of the tractor is a just a draft plate with the bottom portion cut off and 4 holes drilled to mount the second piece.

The second piece is from a 790/990 compact utility tractor. The two pieces get bolted together, so I'm not sure if the 790/990 bracket has the 4 holes to bolt it to the draft plated drilled or if they are factory.

It will hold up to five (5) 42 lb suitcase weights. Here's what it looks like:

I like to dab a bit in 3D modeling, so I created this:

I could do a 2D drawing if someone wanted to make their own bracket from scratch. If anyone is interested in making their own, let me know and I can make a 2D drawing for this.
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Terry the lights are mounted in an interesting place. I don't think they would have worked well with a snow blower. You are lucky they are the original JD lights. Roger
I believe those are factory lights. At least the aluminum mounts are Terry.
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