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Front Weight Bracket For RFs

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I have a semi-homemade weight bracket on my '66 110. I say semi-homemade, because it's two OEM parts bolted together. The part that mounts to the frame of the tractor is a just a draft plate with the bottom portion cut off and 4 holes drilled to mount the second piece.

The second piece is from a 790/990 compact utility tractor. The two pieces get bolted together, so I'm not sure if the 790/990 bracket has the 4 holes to bolt it to the draft plated drilled or if they are factory.

It will hold up to five (5) 42 lb suitcase weights. Here's what it looks like:

I like to dab a bit in 3D modeling, so I created this:

I could do a 2D drawing if someone wanted to make their own bracket from scratch. If anyone is interested in making their own, let me know and I can make a 2D drawing for this.
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Terry, seems like I recognize that tractor and the weight bracket setup. The holes on the weight bracket were already there, just had to drill holes in the draft plate. As for the lights, the brackets are Deere parts. I bought them from the dealer by ordering the individual pieces, couldn't buy them as a kit anymore. The lights were purchased from ebay and while they look very much like the original lights, they have a rubber housing instead of metal. But, for $15, that wasn't an issue for me. The reason that I mounted them on the hood uprights is because I didn't like the way they look on the hood. I can see where this wouldn't work well for snowblowers, but they aren't used much in Arkansas. Hope you are having fun with my old tractor, I miss it. I picked up a complete '67 110 a few weeks ago and am at it again. This just never gets out of your system. Mike
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