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Front Weight Bracket For RFs

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I have a semi-homemade weight bracket on my '66 110. I say semi-homemade, because it's two OEM parts bolted together. The part that mounts to the frame of the tractor is a just a draft plate with the bottom portion cut off and 4 holes drilled to mount the second piece.

The second piece is from a 790/990 compact utility tractor. The two pieces get bolted together, so I'm not sure if the 790/990 bracket has the 4 holes to bolt it to the draft plated drilled or if they are factory.

It will hold up to five (5) 42 lb suitcase weights. Here's what it looks like:

I like to dab a bit in 3D modeling, so I created this:

I could do a 2D drawing if someone wanted to make their own bracket from scratch. If anyone is interested in making their own, let me know and I can make a 2D drawing for this.
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They were already mounted on this 110 when I got it. And I'm not sure if it's factory or a reproduction lights. But, I don't have a snow blower, so I will leave them where they're at. At least for now.
I think the mounts might be, but I don't think the lights are.
The reason why I posted this thread was, first to show that one can be made from OEM parts. Second, to asked if there were anyone who would be interested in a 2D drawing from the 3D model I made. If so, I can create a drawing so others can build one from scratch. If there's no interest, then I won't bother making a drawing then.
I love this thing, so much I bought a twin to it, another '66. If I was installing the headlights, I don't know if I had the nerve to drill into the hood, and I have no issues with the location now. And the weight bracket, it was a clever idea and works great.

Please post some pics of your '67. We have a thread here to show our RFs.http://www.wfmachines.com/discus/messages/17/259256.html?1398276508 Which reminds me I need to add my latest '66 to that thread.
I know it's been a while, but I finally finished the 2D drawing of the front weight bracket. It basically takes the RF draft plate, modified to bolt to a weight bracket for a 790 compact tractor. The draft plate gets the lower portion cut off and 4 holes are mate drilled to fit the 790 bracket. I'm showing all dimensions so these can be made from scratch without having the necessary JD parts, though I also called out the JD part numbers.

RF 110 Weight Bracket.pdf (75.2 k)
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I think I got one dimension wrong - the location of the studs on the draft plate. I had them at .75 from the front, I think they're more like 1.00 so I moved them in this latest edition. Someone can double check their draft plate, maybe.

RF 110 Weight Bracket Rev A.pdf (75.3 k)
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