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Front weights for tilling on a JD 140?

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What is the best weight set up front for tilling? Have my tiller set up and will be tilling soon. What is that best front weights to get for tilling? Would like the front wheel weights and front slab or 2 for my favorite look. Also if anyone has some for sale. Be interested in them thanks Sybesma.
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I know the manual says to add front weight, but I'm not sure as to the why. I Havn't had any problems tilling nor steering the 212 with the tiller raised.

Do you have a front weight bracket? At one time, HAPCO was selling them. There was a set of the front slab weights for sale advertised on this forum in the classifieds.
I use 1st gear and sometime use the variator while tilling to speed things up just a tad. I havn't noticed any troubles with out front weight....tilling or simply driving around.

I do have extensions on each end of the tiller but I do have bar tires on the rear and loaded with wheel weights.

Perhaps I'll try leaving it in Neutral sometime and see how it acts.

There was something mentioned in the manual; If the tiller does not push the tractor forward, the intermediate drive belt is not installed correctly.

...and don't perform turns with the tiller in ground and never ever under any conditions (under penalty of law) back up with the tiller in the ground or the leveler blade down!
Right-on; Hydro tractor.
My intent was to simply say that my tractor is "in it's lowest gear, going slowly" and "I regulate the ground travel speed "

As a side note, my tractor operator manual says that I must engage the PTO clutch at slow engine speed or I will damage said clutch. Thusly I turn the tiller on at slow idle speed,,, set her down in the dirt, release the clutch/start moving, then apply full throttle.

I only employ full throttle when the tiller is underway and scale it back @ the end row, just prior to raising it from the ground

The tiller acts quite tame (under control)
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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