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Front weights for tilling on a JD 140?

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What is the best weight set up front for tilling? Have my tiller set up and will be tilling soon. What is that best front weights to get for tilling? Would like the front wheel weights and front slab or 2 for my favorite look. Also if anyone has some for sale. Be interested in them thanks Sybesma.
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Okay thanks guys. Scott I have nothing yet. Just got my tiller put on and tested it last night. It worked great for just driving around. I can tell the front end is a little light in the air but steers and gets around. The main problem I have is like Dominic has. I have both extension on it. I dropped it and engaged the tiller and just pushed me fast through the garden with my tractor in neutral mainly the whole time. I do agree with you mike Duwe . Seems much easier to install and take off. With the slab weights. Can you stack more then one on the front? Plus what do the slabs weights weigh and what do the wheel weights weigh a Piece?
Okay sounds good KB. Yeah I had no choice first time using it. I have really nice soiled garden. I dropped the tiller. Rev throttle up and engaged tiller and it just shot out of the hole and pushed me through the garden lol. Tiller nice and worked but never had time to take the hydrostatic lever out of neutral and go forward. Going to get my brakes adjusted and fixed and hope I can use it to slow it down form launching me forward for the drag strip. I know they make those drag bars but don't like those one bit.

Scott. I don't have a manual shift tractor. It's a john Deere 140 hydrostatic transmission. I know all the rules and how it works and it run and steers fun but some front weight is needed. It is a little light in the front. Not a hug problem.
Okay Carroll, I will try that out. Might help a little bit. For weights I have none. Just a stock 140 and tiller. Might not be a bad idea to get back weights too. Been wanting a set for a while but just haven't needed them yet so haven't invested in back weights. Now I may buy some soon. I have good tilling tires. There Titan 101 lugs. Also have deestones 26x12x12 on another 140 I have that I could put on too. Really want all the weights but want to buy just want I need for the time needed. Think my friend in town has some back weights I can try out to test. Thanks for all the help guys.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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