I have collected too many parts, and need to clean up my garage a bit.

I had two pairs of B43G connecting rods re-manufactured to factory specifications. These were done by a company called Finney's Parts Depot. They basically re-bore the Crankshaft end to be factory spec. The B43G NEW spec is 1.6280—1.6285 in, and these are right at 1.6280.

I have two pairs of them. I didn't want to just throw these away, so I had them both remanufactured. I was going to use 1 set to rebuild an B43G, and then sell another. I have decided not to do the engine.

Here are the pictures. I have a picture showing the measurements using a good micrometer.

Please contact me if interested, or would like more information.

Each Pair is $75.00

Connecting Rod Set # 1
Wood Tool Beige Auto part Hand tool

Tool Wood Hand tool Auto part Font

Wood Tool Hand tool Bicycle part Gas

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Revolver Gadget

Wood Bicycle part Tool Hardwood Wood stain

Connecting Rod Set # 2

Wood Auto part Tool Font Personal protective equipment

Hand tool Tool Wood Auto part Metalworking hand tool

Wood Hand tool Tool Metalworking hand tool Hardwood

Hand Hand tool Wood Tool Finger