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Fuel line size?

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I picked up a Deere Sabre 1842HV Yard tractor for mowing while working on my 318. On the deck there is the plastic deflector, and then a metal defector under it. When attaching the bagger chute, does the metal plate get flipped up too or just the plastic? With it flipped up part of the spinning blade is visable. getting a new lower chute and dont want to chew it up. thanks
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Ordering some Tygon fuel line and it comes in (too) many sizes. I need some hose for my 110 and not sure of the size (ID) to order.

I also need fuel line for a homelite chain saw and stihl weedeaters and need a recommendation (ID) for the small equipment filters and carb line.


I think 1/4" id fuel line is what I used for my 212 and 214

for a chain saw I think it is 1/8" id is what you need

others will confirm if I am right or not
Bought 7 feet of Dayco 1/4" ID SAE 30R7 black fuel line at Farm and Fleet, from a bulk roll. That was enough to replace all fuel lines on a 216 tractor. It was $1.69/foot. Hope this helps.
It should be 1/4 that's what I used on my. 110 and all my other tractors
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