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Fuel lines routing

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We put the motor in, then ran it for a year off and on, I went to turn it on one again, and it just backfired at me and would not start. It ran just fine the previous time. How can I fix this? I don't know where the points are located to do the timing please help I am lost.
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It doesn't have points it has an electronic ignition. It could be almost anything but points. Try to find a Honda Service Manual and go through the trouble shooting process. Does it have gas? Is it low on oil as it has an ignition kill system is it gets low. Test for spark by taking the spark plugs out and grounding them to see if you have spark. If you have spark put a small amount of gas in the plug hole and see if it starts. If it starts for a bit you have a fuel problem. Is the fuel pump working. Do you have the safety switches hooked up? And on and on. Don't throw parts at it they are too expensive. If you are over your head on this find someone who works on Hondas all the time. Did you buy a kit or do the work yourself. Welcome to WFMs, Roger
Thanks for the fast response. I will check it out! Thanks again, Doug

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I had to check 1 out ; Anastasia - OMG ! Those Russian women sure look better than "File Locking Error" or "Internet Explorer cannot connect this site"
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Anybody have picture of how fuel line is routed by transmission? Greg
I'll take a pic when I get home tonight and post it if another member hasn't by then. I replaced what I believe was the original fuel line on my 1976 210 in what I believe was the original location which loops over the trans, between the trans and brake assembly. Mounted to the trans I have what I believe is an original "j" hook that cradles the line.
I guess my memory is as it's routed more above the brake band than between it and the trans.

I'll upload the picture as soon as I'm able to shrink it down.
Sorry about the orientation. The left side of the pic is up towards the seat, the right to the ground. In the first pic out of focus at the top edge are hose clamps I added. I removed the fuel shutoff from the bottom of the tank and placed a new one along the frame right there.
Here are few pictures from 212 when I changed fuel line, couple of months ago.

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