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Going to look at a 1970 model 112.

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My 445 just started to over heat, so I began to diagnosis-ed the cause, i.e. radiator screen, side panels, etc. I'm leaning now towards the thermostat or the radiator needing flushed. I went to check the price on the thermostat in JD Parts. The kit, which includes the gasket, is part number AM121668. It turns out it's obsolete and to check the dealer. Talking to the parts guy at my local dealer reveals that Deere separated the thermostat and the gasket. The thermostat is now $30.38 (the old kit was over $53). So, if any 425 or 445 owner needing a thermostat, they are still available - you just need to contact your dealer.
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Terry I found the 160 thermostat that is NLA from Deere for the older model 425-445. The one Deere sells is the hotter 180 or 190 used on the later models. Part #7203-160 at Autozone about $20 if it helps. BILL
I also found the 160 degree thermostat thru Auto Zone. I ordered it online, under the same p/n Bill listed, for about $20 this weekend to put in my engine when I put it back together. My only concern is the temperature gage working properly. Mine hovers in the lower 1/3 of the range and rarely gets up to 1/2 deflection.
I might consider the autozone part, but the thermostat from JD is only a few dollars more and I would rather support my local dealer than autozone. I have to go the dealer anyway to get the gasket, so......Plus the only way to keep parts in Deere's inventory is by demand and if we go elsewhere to buy parts, then that just sends a clear message to Deere that those parts aren't needed anymore and we will have more NLA parts.

Thanks anyways.
Also - With Deere part - you are relatively assured that it is good quality . Like a Robertshaw made or similar ; There IS a big difference ( especially true in thermostats ) between Auto-Zone Price point products (Read Low Quality many times) , and the 'Real deal' . I'll donate my two extra dollars to Momma Deere on this one also ; and 'err on the side of caution . JMHO : DAve
It is not about the money,the 160 degree stat is no longer available from Deere and it makes a difference on the older 425 like mine with the old style carb.Maybe it makes no difference on the 445.
Terry, I agree and support my Deere dealer for everything from replacement parts (including the laundry list of parts I am currently buying from Deere to overhaul my Kawasaki engine), service items (oil, filters, blades) and even the occasional overpriced hat. I do this for all the reasons you stated, plus they are nice, local folks who support the local community.

BUT, like Bill says, the 160 degree thermostat that my tractor was designed to use is no longer available thru Deere. The government mandated replacement is a 180 degree item. I understand the 20 degree difference actually makes a difference on these older, carburated, units.

I also agree with the comment about the suspect quality of cheapo parts. I will have to withhold judgement until I receive the 160 degree thermostat. I was surprised that a 160 degree thermostat, that will fit into this housing, was so hard to find. NAPA usually comes thru for me on things like this.

I will let you know how this thermostat works out.
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Guys, I have no problem with anyone else using whatever parts they can find that will work. I try and support my local dealer when I can, if it makes sense. I will find out pretty quickly whether the 20 degree difference in temp will be a problem or not.

I looked into the autozone thermostat put I would had to order it and my dealer had the thermostat in stock so it was a no brainer in my opinion. But, just a warning, I've seen autozone thermostats failed on a regular basis. With a working temperature gauge, that shouldn't be a problem, but be careful with autozone parts.
I received the autozone thermostat today. First off it is not offset like the Deere one. Not sure if it is even going work at all right now. I will try a test fit tomorrow. This would be so much simpler if Deere would just support the 160 thermostat. I used to work at an auto parts place (not autozone) and know that "parts are not parts". There is a difference, usually evidenced by the price. We'll see how this works out. At least the thermostat was not "made in china", but it is marked "made in Israel". Can't say you see that too often. LOL.
My sandals were hand made in Israel
They usually make only top notch stuff .
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I hope it works for you. I'm not sure if the AZ 'stat not having the offset will be a problem or not. Let us know.

I installed my Deere one last night and that seem to fixed the problem. I ran it for several minutes and since I still had the front blade on I played with it in the driveway. The real test will be on one our hot 95 degree summer days out mowing the lawn.
Fair appearance, fairly decent price. Anything odd about them? Serial number listing here indicates it should be a K241 with one pedal.
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