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Govenor Gear

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In the process of putting a K181 back together after having cylinder bored and crank turned. I notice that the governor gear falls off the shaft and comes out of mesh with the cam. Will it stay on when the governor arm is connected , what could be done to hold it on ?
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The small rod with the flag that the governor arm is attached to will stop the gear from falling off if the rod and the weights aren't worn.
Well that shaft is what is what works the governor arm, but there is a long brass bolt that keeps it from sliding off the shaft. See part #1. Let me know if you need more detail and I will try and find a picture of one of mine when i had it apart.

Thanks for the help. I decided that it was worth getting a new gear so I'll let you know how it works. Anyone ever notice that the rod cap can rub on the cam lobe. New rod can contact the lobe and the old one had a mark where it has rubbed in the past. Any suggestions.

Recheck your timing marks. And if your engine had the cast iron gov. gear, then I would stick with it. The new nylon gears are fine but, nothing beats a cast gov. gear. As I have never seen a worn out cast gear does not mean that they don't..

Something is wrong if that rod is hitting the cam. I had one and it brome the cam. I am not 110% sure what fixed it, but here is what I ended up doing on that engine. Rebored the cylinder to .010 over and had to have the rod journal turned to .010 under. No more problem. Are you sure everything is in spec? I would not run that engine if there is physical contact.
Very puzzled by this clearance problem. Crank was ground .010 under and sized to new rod, cylinder bored .010 over and new piston and rod. Old rod has a mark in same spot that cam contacts new rod so it looks like problem has existed prior to rebuild. I have pulled out the crank bearing and will make sure it gets seated properly but the side play on the crank was set within specs so it must have been set fully into bore. I am going to work at it tomorrow so hopefully I can figure it out.
Greg are you sure the rod in not in the engine backwards or in other words 1/2 a turn off. I have seen that happen in the past. Roger
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