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Headlights on 318

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On my 318 the headlights seem so poor when compared to the ones on my 140h3. The cover is sparkling clear and the bulbs are new and seem bright for 156 bulbs but when outside in the dark they do not seem to put out that much light. I contacted The Light Guy out of Wi and told him about it and he said that 1156 halogen is brighter but he thinks the heat they produce will distort the plastic lens. Does anyone have any suggestions. Also He thinks if I spent the money for good LEDS THAT I would be dissappointed in the small increase in light for the exppense.
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Jim made a key point when he said, "In order for an LED assembly to work, it will have to be custom made, reflector and heat sink to work properly. " I'd like to elaborate on this because I see LEDs misrepresented so often.

While incandescent lights radiate heat, LEDs must have the heat conducted away. This is why many replacement bulbs made with LEDs are unimpressively dim. Combine that with a cool (blue) light and hot spots, and it makes for crappy lighting. There simply is not a good conduction path in standard light fixtures to allow for LEDs to work well. The really nice LED lights, that look as good as incandescent bulbs and use 1/3 the power, will have large heat sinks, proper light diffusion, and the proper color. LED lights can be more efficient, longer lasting, and super bright, but most of them aren't. The ones that are, aren't cheap (for now). The efficiency depends on the driving circuit too, so some LED lights may not save as much power as others for a given number of lumens.
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