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Heat Shield

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I am in the process of restoring my 318 and would like to get some advice on replacing the foam on the heat shield that is positioned between the engine and the front tower. Is there a certain type of foam that is fire proof? Where could this stuff be purchased and does anyone have any advice on a heat tolerant adhesive to attach the foam with?
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Hi Dan - John Lang has made up some of those heat shield panels. Here's a link to his profile.


You may want to contact him to see if he has any left or if he plans to make some more. I understand they are pretty well made and are not too expensive. - Dave

John will be at Little G and in another post he said he will be bringing some of this material with him. Since you are so close just drop by his green horse trailer which will be his "headquarters."

Thanks guys...I was planning to go to Little G this Saturday so that will work out great! I will definately be stopping by the green horse trailer.

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