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Hi gang!

A few may remember my introduction from a week or so back on the MTF & GTT forums. I think this 3rd one will nearly round out my registrations into the new world of tractors for me! (there might be that one other one...)

I have a question about the suitability/permittance of posting links to my external social feeds for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube... One of the other forums kaiboshed those parts of my very first introduction post, made me sad, while the other one didn't care. I don't join forums to simply promote my other outlets (work), but when it comes to YouTube, that is practically the worlds largest search engine and an immeasurable amount of information can be uploaded/shared/discussed/linked to on that medium. A picture is worth a thousand words, and so a video and a story and an explanation is practically priceless these days! The point is that in my new found journey into the farming and tractor world, coming from a background years beyond of communicating and creating on those platforms, it is only natural for me to record and share in my journey! And I have a TON of work with my new tractors already on there. So if it's not a problem, it'd be swell to be able to share those here. Please let me know if that's acceptable.

Now, if I haven't already come off as an a$$, please let me introduce myself!

My name is Jeremy and I'm super excited to be a new member of this incredible forum and resource. My wife and adult children and I just purchased a 1929 farm house with old dairy barns and small acreage of land up in Ogden Valley (Liberty Utah), above Ogden and about 50 minutes north of Salt Lake City, USA. Our plan is to bring this place back to life and turn it into a small landscaping tree and bush farm.

I'm practically brand new to working any land and operating tractors, my first being this 2038R, but I have operated snow cats, ski resort snow groomers, and flying whirly bird machines with hydraulics for the past 20 years or so. And I've already found a TON of information from this forum during our venture into the tractor world, so THANK YOU ALL!

Thanks for having me and I can't wait to participate!

Liberty Freedom Farm

Wheel Tire Cloud Sky Vehicle

Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Plant

Plant Vehicle Building Land lot Car

Plant Natural landscape Mountain Tree Land lot

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Green Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Car Automotive tire

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Welcome! Lots of knowledge here to answer your questions, especially on that nice 140.
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WFM is not a social media forum, so you can post links to topic specific media, but not to promote any of your social media accounts. For example, if there is a video on your youtube channel that will help answer a question, or to include more info on a topic, that's okay. But to link to your youtube channel to promote your channel is not okay.

Also, no linking to ads, auctions, or market place on items not yours. And if it's your ad, then it's permissible as long as it's done in the classified section.

Again, welcome to WFM. We have been around in one shape or forum since January 2002 for John Deere's L&G history and to current and future equipment.
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