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HELP 214 secondary drive belt issue

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Need to know if I can take a pto from a 1996 jd 425 and put it on a 1999 jd 445 and how much work is involved ?
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A quick check of JD Parts online will get you closer to an answer than I can give, but I would think it would fit.
Ken, there were 2 PTO kits, according to the 400 series attachment guide pre 1995 tractors used one and the other was for 1996 and later tractors. Therefore, if you have a 1996 & 1999 you should be just fine. I have scanned copies of the installation instructions that I have emailed to others ... would like me to email you a copy?
i used this site to restore my 214. It has been very helpful so i am hopeful that you all can assist with this issue. I cannot get the secondary drive belt to run without shredding. I have replaced idler pullet and the arm there is no play in the arm or pulley. it just seems that it shreds on the belt guard just in front of the idler pulley. everything else is running perfect but every belt i put on shreds. I have adjusted the variac properly and this problem just started this summer after a year of use. Can anyone give me any idea what i am doing wrong. winter is coming and we depend on this little lady to clear our 1/4 mile drive. so i need to get her fixed up quickly. thanks for any help

Welcome to WFM. Is there any chance the spring on your idler pulley broke, or maybe the bearings in the pulley are bad. A couple pictures might help, because I'm just thinking our loud.

If you're talking about the metal part hanging below the variator, it may be bent up to close to the variator.
I'll look to see it might be bent wrong and post some pictures soon. Spring and pulley are both new last year and spring has good tension and pulley spins freely. No wobble in it either. Thanks for advise}
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