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Help the Danish guy

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Hello my name is Kasper. I am a Danish John Deere fan, which has become the lucky owner of a John Deere 60 from 1969 (my first John Deere). I bought it from a man who has been started resturer it, but are tired of it, so it lacks a seat clipboard and a wiring harness. I would be very happy if there was someone who could help me with a wiring diagram or some picture of how the wires are seated. Hope you will help me if I do not come from the U.S.A

Greetings Kasper Bechmann.
from Denmark
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Kasper .i,m sure you will be welcome hear ,there are folks from all over the world hear ,if you use the search above you will find what you want ,and also go too the want adds ,on this site ,hope this is not a April joke .David
This is a copy of the 60/70 wiring diagram which should both be the same. You might have to enlarge it to see it better. Roger

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Welcome to WFM. You are more than welcome to post here and ask questions. A John Deere fan is what this site is all about, regardless of nationality or origin. I see Roger has provided a wiring diagram. I hope you can read it. If you have any more questions or just need more answers, just let us know.

Again, welcome to WFM.

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I sent you, via e-mail, two bigger files of wiring info.
Hello again.
I just want to say thank you for the help and the great welcome to WFM. It's great to have a place and get help when I believe that my John Deere 60 is the only one of its kind in Denmark so is a bit of alone when I have a problem with it.
Once again many thanks.

Best regards Kasper Bechmann
from Denmark
Im wondering how that JD 60 ever got to Denmark to begin with. Must have been a stow-away.
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him I bought it from imported it a year ago, along with some cars. He was so start by enabling it but sold it to me after he had painted it.
Kasper- I can understand importing the cars. But importing that little tractor with the cars is interesting. Was it painted with the John Deere green & yellow colors? Did you get it with a mower deck, or just the tractor.
The guy that I bought 60 from has a friend who imports cars. When collecting cars from usa, they are loaded in containers and sailed by ship to Denmark. Once there's a place in a container then comes the difference things in. For the price is the same whether the container is full or not.

Regards Kasper
Ok Kasper. Now I understand how you got it mixed in with the cars. You pay if the container is full or not. So ship as much as you can get into the container. Thanks
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