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Help with 3pt Hitch Removal Please

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Hello all. Can anyone offer any tips on how to remove this piece when removing a 3pt hitch? It seems like a "pin" but it sure doesn't want to budge. THANKS!!!!

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Yes that's a pin, you might need to soak it in some PB blaster or penetrating fluid. Try to get the right size pin punch and it should move out. Spray the shaft a little too to help in getting the hub off.
Brian, that is a pin and I have found that sometimes it comes out one way better than the other, don't know why though and is a bear to get out
Like Arnie says, it is a taper pin and only comes out in one direction. From the pictures, it appears you need to drive it out from the bottom. Penetrating oil and a lot of sailor language may help.
Good luck,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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