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Help with a 1968 112 Purchase

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I put a set of new Oregon blades on my 54" 425 and I have noticed in the thicker grass the mower is leaving a thin strip of grass a little taller than the rest of the mowed section. The thin strip is on either side of the middle blade. The blades look like the right length..they do over lap each other. Any ideas?? I was thinking about going back to a JD blade.

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No experience with the oregon blade's Barry all I ever used were the JD blades on both my 54's 345&425 and both deck's cut great and the blade's last a long time.BILL
same deal with the ones on my 48 deck on my lx172 they sometimes miss especially with turning corners sharp. some people swear by these blades. i swear at them.
I've been running aftermarket (not sure what brand) blades for years on my 60" deck with my 455. I haven't had any cut quality issues as long as I keep the underside of the deck clean. I get them from my local JD dealer for about 30% less than the JD blades.
I've been running Oregon gator blades. They've been working well. They're actually thicker than the OEM ones I took off.
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