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Help with where to get some things

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Hey everyone,Well now that I got my 60 all shiny it seems that one of the rear axle's is leaking oil. Where can I get some seals from or what are the part number. And well I am asking this also what are the part numbers to spindle hub caps for a 60 also. Thanks Jake
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The axle seal part number is M40676 and it's $8.52 at your dealer. You can also use one of our sponsor's Keeping it Green listed at the top of this page. They're a JD dealer also located in Dutzow, Missouri.
Does anyone know the part# to spindle caps then? Thanks Jake
If you use JD parts you can find every part number for your JD tractors. If you register (it's free), you can get prices, specifications, check your local dealer's inventory, etc. Here is a tutorial:

How to use JD Parts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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