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HH100 smoke out breather

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My 112 is running good, but smokes BAD out of the breather after warming up. It does not smoke at all while cold, and from what I can tell does not smoke at all out the muffler. It is definitely burning a good amount of oil, based on how often I have to top it off. I have already replaced the breather cover with a good used unit and it smokes the same so I don't think that's it.

Do I need new rings? The block is already bored (I believe 0.030 over) and I know oversize rings are hard to find. The only other thing I can think of is worn valve guides and it looks like the only solution is oversize valve stems. Looks like those are even harder to find.

Any other ideas?
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I think you can bore out valve guides and sleeve them. I think that boring a motor fully out is stupid. Yea ya get more power but if the block is scarred and scratched you might be outta luck. I think you may have a broke ring
Andy, if you have a service manual, check out the section showing the use of a Manometer for a diagnosis. An HH100 that produces lots of blow by, it is almost always caused by worn rings. You may find the cylinder worn beyond the acceptable limits, maybe not. The piston will also be burned at the top land, enough to see part of the top compression ring, toward the valves. The top land is smaller than the rest of the piston skirt by design.
I think you will want to locate a new head gasket, then pull the head to check the marking on the piston and check the part of the cylinder you can see for size and condition. Then start looking for new parts that might be available. Tecumseh used to offer a .040" oversize piston and rings, but probably all sizes are difficult, if not impossible to find now.
You might be able to locate another Deere specific block to rebuild if yours is way out of limits, or oversize parts can't be found.

Unless the valves/valve guides are really worn egg shaped (+.005-.010), don't worry too much about them causing a lot of oil usage. Oil drawn past severely worn valve guides will show at the exhaust pipe.

How do you use this tractor? If it's your one and only weekly mowing machine, keep up the "topping off" of oil as you decide how to solve the engine problem that best suits your time and economics. Let us know how it's going.

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Tom your comment about worn valve guides causing oil consumption showing up at the exhaust. Is that true for k181s as well as the HH100? I have one that runs smooth but started really smoking and the exhaust is oily.
Yes, Bill. BTW, Kohler "K" series have less valve stem to valve guide clearance than Tecumseh HH100 to start with. With a properly functioning crankcase breather, including oil drainage back to the sump, there is a minimal amount of oil in the valve stem galley. My reasoning is with excessive c/c pressure (blow-by) some oil is pushed/sucked past the stems into the combustion chamber to be burned or exit as unburned oil in the exhaust stream making a little smoke. You would likely see the smoke when the engine is first started, not so much when running. The exhaust pipe would show more soot than raw oil. The accuracy of the valve guide to stem clearance is important to assure the valves seat properly every time as they close.

The point I wanted to make is moderate to excessive oil consumption is more likely caused by a bad oil control ring than worn valve guides. If the oil control ring is stuck, worn, or lost its tension and the compression rings and cylinder wall are still in good condition, smoke and oil consumption can occur in an engine that otherwise "runs strong".

One exception I have run into was on one of the early model Tecumseh OHV engines in a Craftsman rider. The guides were worn at least .020" egg shaped. That thing drank oil but ran very well. The rocker arm geometry was horrendous! Replacing the guides solved the problem at least till the rest of the mower junked out.

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Tom, thank you very much for that detailed explanation. Glad that are people like you to share your knowledge with us.
I took the head off tonight to double check and the piston is stamped "0.030" like I remembered. The cylinder looks pretty good. I found a set of 0.030 rings online and ordered them pretty cheap... hopefully they actually show up. Now I just need a side cover gasket and a head gasket and I am ready to tear into it.

This is my weekly mower but I am thinking if I can get all the parts here I should have time to mess with it.
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