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Honda GX wiring (into a 420) HELP

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For those that used Honda engines to repower, do you have a quick and dirty wiring diagram to get everything working correctly? I have been staring at the diagram for the 420 and the GX690 and I think I need a nap or something. It's not making sense.

I have the wiring guide for a repower from Dan, but again its starting to blur together. The little logic module is whats tripping me up. I have a relay to add in if necessary.

Other than the wiring it's ready to drive!
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Should I add vampire taps or cut and splice into new wire? I think I understand what needs to happen, just dont want to fry the rectifier.
Looks like I found it, (oddly enough) in an old thread you helped with Andre.


Chris Barry's drawing:
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No kit, just the engine and rectifier. I have my cheat sheet marked as such with the wire color, the black/yellow stripe needing 12V when on, and the black needing to be grounded also when key on. I assume the 'red wire' to the Onan is the other side of the circuit breaker? The only one I see there is the purple one from the ignition.
I do not want to bypass anything, because then I have no PTO, headlights, or taillights. So thats out. According to all the previous threads I have been studying, my wiring does not match. I can get it to run by jumping the solenoid from the power cable, but the purple solenoid wire does not send anything from where it's pinned on the ignition. Could I have gotten the wrong ignition for this harness? I can list where its all wired to if you can take a look where I'm going wrong.
Was the wiring between the P218 and P220 different? I also noticed a black wire with a male spade connector that doesn't seem to go anywhere...
Thats what is worrying me right now, there's no white wire bundled with the pink or anything going up to the engine, nor is there a tan block (that I see). There is no 3 wire connector.

Leads me to believe this isnt a 420 harness...?

A few labeled:


Engine side, labeled
Oops, they're all the same link. Try these...


SUCCESS!!!! Started cleaning up the wiring tonight, I'll have it loomed, zip tied and shrink wrapped tomorrow night. Andre, thank you for all your help! The next time you're in the Baltimore area I owe you a beverage with a % alcohol by volume rating.

Your wiring diagram helped immensely.
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