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Honda GX wiring (into a 420) HELP

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For those that used Honda engines to repower, do you have a quick and dirty wiring diagram to get everything working correctly? I have been staring at the diagram for the 420 and the GX690 and I think I need a nap or something. It's not making sense.

I have the wiring guide for a repower from Dan, but again its starting to blur together. The little logic module is whats tripping me up. I have a relay to add in if necessary.

Other than the wiring it's ready to drive!
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All you need other than the starter is 12v at the BL/Y and a GND at the BL when the key is at Start and Run and all safety are Ok.

Some kit provider suggest to do something different and easier but don't ask me.
This is a safer wiring suggested by Honda.

The picture 33 made by Dan it's very close to match your need.

On the tractor side the pink wire must connect exactly like Dan did.
For you the Fuel solenoid is the BL/Y instead of Gray and this wire connect also to the Rectifier.

For the relay you need to reverse the logic of the Vanguard and use the NO contact.

The coil of the relay must be connected exactly like Dan.
For the contact you need to connect the GND on one side of the NO (not the NC) and the other side connect to the Black of your engine.

If you have question about the starter section, let me know.
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For mine I kept the Honda connectors original.
I put new bullet connectors on the tractor side.
With the Onan the wire to feed the coil (run permission) is the Pink 830 not a Red.
Dan, SEW, me and many others choose to use it because it's the result of the keyswitch at RUN or START and ALL the safety conditions.

Also in the Honda GX690 manual the wire for the fuel cut off solenoid is BL/Y not Green/White.

For the relay the wiring and the Black wire is ok, only the other colors are strange.

Is your engine is original or include with a kit?
Are you talking about something else like the starter or charging section?

If you still talking about the run section...
Why do you want to use a Red wire?
Do you want to bypass the security?

Every thing you said is ok with one exeption...
You said: "...needing 12V when on, and the black needing to be grounded also when key on."
Replace the "when on" with "when on and all the secutity are ok"
To meet those conditions you have to use the Pink wire like I said previously.
Yes prepare a list and I will look.
I still don't know if the run section work with the pink wire.

The solenoid, is it the fuel cut solenoid or the starter solenoid?
The black wire is on the tractor side or engine side?

In the shop manual they show one wiring for all 316, 318 and 420 with one PTO and another one for two PTO nothing else.

The famous pink wire is connected with a white wire with the Onan and it come from a 3 wire connectors with 1 tan, 1 green or red and the pink.
I can see 3 time the same wiring1.
The schematic show a black wire alone, it's a spare.

This is strange the manual said it's the same wiring than the 318 but the parts manual show a different picture but I didn't check parts nb.

The Orange for the hour meter and the Pink 830 are connected together at the TDC module pin #2.

With the keyswitch at Run and all safety ready you suppose to read 12v at the Pink 830.
Then check your email for my own schematic with notes.

Did you check if all the safety work normally?
Did you check the pressure switch light?

I did some programming at Baltimore in a waste water treatment plant few years ago.
I like the sound of your new beast and I will take a cold one while listening at your video next weekend

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