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Honda repower fuel pump ?

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My 400 with the honda repower stopped dead in its tracks today in the middle of mowing.
Thought I was low on fuel, got it restarted and limped back for more fuel.
Mowed half a round and just like you shut the switch off.
Noticed I heard no sound from the elec. fuel pump with the switch on.
As i recall the Honda has it's own pump.
Will this pull enough fuel if I remove the stock elec. pump?
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I am looking at getting a 345 that is listed as having a blown motor. Was wondering where to go for parts. I'm not sure what is actually wrong with it and I wouldn't be able to know until I acually buy it. Might just be the plastic cam gear busted.
Erik because it is a JD motor the only place you can buy parts that you are 100% sure will fit is from JD. Kawasaki (the maker) and JD signed an exclusivity agreement when JD started buying the engine from Kawasaki. That means you can't look up JD engines in a Kawasaki parts book nor can you look up a Kawasaki engine not used on a JD in a JD parts book. Are some or most of the parts the same? Of course but if you order them and the do not fit you will be stuck with them. For what its worth there is no such thing as a cheap Kawasaki part. By the way I have a 345 and love mine. Roger
Thanks Roger.
I see that Kawasaki discontinued the engine that is in the 345. I know I can still get parts for it but I also saw that SEW has a briggs Intek conversion for about a grand. Has anyone used this? Might be the way to go if the Kawi needs to be completely rebuilt.
I will probably go the Briggs kit route should I ever need to but at 1122 hours my Kawasaki uses no oil and as had all the accessory parts replaced on the engine in the last 100 hours. That would be the fuel pump, water pump and carburetor. Those having been done I figure I am good for another 1000 hours. Roger
ok, I bought the tractor. When i go to pick it up I will tear down the motor to see what it needs.
So I picked up the tractor today. The bad news is that the oil pump went so it prolly tore up all the bearings in the engine. So it will need a complete rebuild. I'm really liking the SEW repower idea now.
The good news is that it came with an extra deck. There was nothing wrong with the original other than a weld spot that I could notice. It was owned by a township so they just decided they needed a new one since they used it alot (must be nice!!!). I'll be posting that on the for sale section when i clean it up and check it over better. It also came with a NIB starter and PTO clutch.
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