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How many times has JD changed their paint?

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I have a 72 inch cut mower deck attached to my 855 tractor. I've notice that I have a idler sheave on the deck that I can rock up & down by hand in a vertical motion. So far it's not having any affect or wear on the mower belt & I can't detect any noise either. Im concerned about it because the mower deck belt is like well over $100 bucks to replace. But now I am not sure if having vertical play in an idler pulley bearing is a sign that I have a bad bearing that should be replaced. All the parts on this deck except for the three mower blades, are all original equipment. It's been in service since 1989 & is used to cut five acres from late April to mid November.
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Gerald -

Lots of times the slop is only in the arm bushing and can be taken up with a few well placed washers , but may be have to remove it to see if that's what it is . Most of the big units such as yours have a grease zerk in the idler arm bushing that gets neglected , hence the wear . Make sure that the snubber , or back-lash preventer (if so equipped), is adjusted proper also ; if not , that will chew up a belt right quick also .

Everything is lubed with JD grease. Everything is in adjustment, including all tension devices for the belt. The idler pulley that I'm talking about os located between the left side blade spindle & the center blade spindle. There is no arm on this one. Its on its own center shaft or spindle you might say. I think you may be thinking about the pulley located on that arm with the spring on it or what you call the snubber. I can't find anything in my manuals or repair books that cove this type of thing. I don't want to take it down if I don't have to, but I may need to do that at the end of the mowing season here to see what's going on. Thanks
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I was looking at a video on Youtube at the Huricon plant and in the beginning they showed a 63 110 and a current production tractor side by side. Wow what a difference in the paint. The 63 looked darker a lot more olive drab verses the new current production tractor which was a lot brighter. This spring I would like to after all these years redo the paint on my 77's hood and sheet metal. I would like to get as close to the original color as possible. So what should I buy to achieve this. Thank you
yeah. It was different. But it's up to you. Any color will work. If you want it dark, the antique green works wonders.
Technically the garden tractors have all been the same color called Ag Green but there are significant difference depending who was supplying the paint to JD. Roger
Thanks Roger. I was wondering about this myself.
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