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How to fix hh100 carb

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After 2 carbs and 2 rebuild kits I finally figured out how to stop a hh100 from surging and running away. I threw them blasted carbs across the shop and put a carter off a k181 on purrs like a kitten. Now to find a way to rig up the choke. And yes the original cleaner still fits.
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Colton I did the exact same thing this winter with my 67 rf, problem solved,
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Douglas. Do you have pictures of how you connected the linkages?
I would be curious to see what is involved. I have avoided the RF 112 because of the carb.
Bolted rite up in every way except the choke rotates vertically instead of horizontally I don't have that hooked up yet.
The other option is send it out to Carb Rescue. He took one I had that was full of rusty sludge and throttle shaft wobbly in body and made it like new. It runs like a top.

That's problem the rite way to do it. But I had a rebuilt carter laying there.
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