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How to restore a JD 56

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Hello everybody. Best regards from Germany... I'm a proud owner of a JD 56. I got it in really bad condition and I want to restore it. In Germany this Model isn't famous and it is hard to find parts and manuals. Please help me to get some informations and manuals. The mower deck is damaged. I need a new one. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy an original? Is there anybody who could give me documents of the JD 56 (service- and/or owner's manual; a spare part list), PDF would be super?!
If somebody is interested I would send some pictures of my 56.
Thanks a lot.
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alex,you can get the manuals very reasonable on ebay.as for the deck,deere doesnt sell them anymore,but again,you might find one on ebay.if the engine runs,thats half the battle on these little criiters.the decal are the only thing you wont find;maybe you can find someone that could make them for you.good luck!!!
You can post the pictures here as well by the upload attachment button located below where you type your message.

Make sure they are smaller than 640x480 and less than 75K.
Thanks for the fast answer. I looked at ebay and found some manuals and spare part lists, but shipping to Germany is very expensiv ($30). I would pay for a copy, but not that much for shipping. Two hours ago I looked at the deck and I think I can repair it. There are a few holes, but the material is still good enough to weld it.
Alex, I have a John Deere service manual that includes the model 56. It is very large, so I wouldn't want to copy it. But, if there are some specific things that you want to repair, I can scan the pages and email them to you.
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Thank you, I need the electronic plan, a spare part list if, I need to know what kind of oil in which hole to fill and what kind of gasoline. If you would scan it for me, it would be great.
Alex, I just sent you the scanned pages except for the spare part list. I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you go to the top of this page and click on www.KeepingItGreen.com, you will be able to see parts lists and diagrams for your tractor.
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Alex ,what part of Germany are you from ,i spent 2 years over their.for uncle sam ,as i recall gas was very bad over their ,you might want to pull the head ,and check for pinging on the top of the piston .and you will need a torque wrench,in pounds ,or convert yours ,and your tools will be a problem .hope this helps.David
I live neer Spangdahlem, there is a airbase. The tools wouldn't be a problem. I want to check everything.
What do you want me to check??? Pinging,... piston,... Please help me, I don't understand it.
"Pinging" ist im Detonation. Das Gemisch ist zu mager. "Piston" ist der Kolben. Der obere Teil Ihrer Kolben können Schäden durch ein mageres Gemisch. Oder nicht.
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I will look for the piston. The sealing to look for the piston is mad of paper or is it rubber?
Today I visited the local JD-dealer and he laughed at me. He said it would be impossible to get parts or documents.
After that I started to get the mower into parts. He is really rusty, but it is nice to work on.
Alex, it is not a problem to find parts for an 8HP Briggs and Stratton engine in Germany. Search on eBay.de for Briggs Stratton 8hp. There are many kits for that engine. A small engine or motorcycle repair shop can rebuild that engine in a few hours.
Es ist kein Problem, Teile für einen 8HP Briggs und Stratton Maschine in Deutschland zu finden. Suchen Sie auf eBay. de für Briggs Stratton 8hp. Es gibt viele Sätze für jene Maschine. Eine kleine Maschine oder Motorradreparaturwerkstatt können jene Maschine in ein paar Stunden wiederaufbauen.
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Mark a 56 should of come with a V60 Tecumseh motor not a Briggs. Roger
Agreed,roger.i have several 56s and all have tecumsehs,with one exception,and it was a repower.the tecumsehs arent any harder to get parts for,and,IMHO,are a better motor.(this opinion should stop here,and not hijack his thread.)
Steve, you aren't hijacking a thread. Where are you getting parts for the V60?
I just looked on eBay. Looks like a V60 rebuild kit is 57 Euros and the company will send the kit to Germany.
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Thank you for looking. It is really a tecumseh. But My JD dealer said this company is closed since the last three years.
Today I found a destroyed bearing from the back axis. All springs are to soft. I took out the engine and it looked good from the outside.
The biggest problem will be the electronic and the switches.
Please, I need the electronic plan...
Alex, I resent you the wiring schematic (electronic plan). Tell me if this is what you need.
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Stefan, what is your serial #, is it an early one with the pedal to engage the deck or a later model with a lever on the tower?
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