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How to stop the engine ?!

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Another stupid question from Germany ;-)

The pre owner of my JD 100 unconnected allot of wires and little pluggers. The safety switch for the PTO clutch is unmounted and short-circuited - but thats another story.

My problem is about stopping the engine. I think the regular process to stop the engine / ignition is done by turning the key to position "off". But my engine is still running in this position. I might found the problem by testing the wires coming from the ignition lock with my voltmeter. There is one unconnected yellow wire. My voltmeter indicates connectivity to the minus pol (ground) in key position "off". It has no connection to the minus pol in position "run" and "start".

I am assuming that this unplugged yellow wire is probably the right one to stop the ignition / engine. Right?

But were shall this cable be connected to?

Again, sorry for the stupid question but I don´t
have a wiring diagram for the JD 100.

Best from Germany,
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Jolanda, the wiring diagram for a 100 was discussed some time ago. Sorry I can't provide one but there are at least a couple members who were able to e-mail a copy to other members. Hope they see your post.

In the mean time, I believe the "G" position on the magneto equipped Briggs engine switch should show continuity to the switch base. So the base needs a good clean ground to the tractor frame and neg. battery terminal.

Memory is a bit fuzzy on this, but do you recall a Yellow, Black, or White wire that was connected to a spade on the magneto and going somewhere to the outside of the flywheel cover? That would be the one that needs to connect to the "G" part of the key switch to "ground " the mag. to stop the engine. It might be in a multiple wire plastic connector with the wires from the stator. The wire may have been attached directly to the points to do the same thing.

Hope you get the wiring diagram to save for the future.

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Yep, you missed it Mitchell. Roger had a post in there, but it is gone now.

Anyway, glad you have one more little gremlin out of the way, Jolanda.

Don't worry, Jolanda. We don't keep score anyway. The object of the forum is to help each other even if we do get side tracked sometimes.

Maybe I'm just dreaming it, but I would have sworn Roger had posted a very accurate description of the yellow wire and where it probably should connect, just before I made post #2921. I attempted to just add a hint for finding the correct wire without a diagram.

Well that settles it. I apologize for the mix up. I know I've had worse dreams than WFM content! LOL

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