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Hydraulic lift drive pulley ?

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a friend told mine told me he has a chance to buy a 108 any one heard of one of these
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David they are technically late models and are discussed in the late model forum. JD sold thousands of them in the late 1970s to mid 1980s. The 108 was the baby and there was also a 111, 112L and 116 version of the tractor. Roger
thanks mark and roger i knew i could count on you folks
Moved to proper forum.

In 1979 JD replaced the 100 lawn tractor with the 8 hp 108 and the 11 hp 111. Both had the same frame, same sheet metal, same 5 speed shift-on-the-go Peerless transmission and both had Briggs vertical shaft engines. The 108 had smaller tires and rims and had a 30 inch deck, while the 111 had a 38 inch deck. The 108 was made from 1979 to 1985. They were good for small yards, light snow removal and light duty yard work, but didn't have ground engaging capabilities.
I have a 1982 108 with a noisy transaxle. Does the case have to be opened to replace the grease if that is the problem? Also, my unit has factory headlights and every other 108 I have seen photos of lack them. What goes on here? I also have the bagger kit and the snow plow for it.
Yes you have to split the case to replace the grease inside the transaxle.

The headlight kit was an option and most were bought without the kit. If yours has the headlights, then you're one of a few. The headlight kits sell for some big bucks on ebay, or at least, they used to.
I don't get it,
The 108 was made from '79 to '85 and it's considered a "late model"? I thought the late models were after '92.
This may sound like a newbie question , but is there a special crankshaft pulley required to drive OEM hyd pumps ? both my tractors have pr. drive belt then the pto pulley , but what pulley drives the pump ?

I've been looking for a hyd kit or hyd tractor but I never figured this out .
I didn't think they were different, there should be a double pulley before the pto. The hydraulic belt runs tight to the cooling fins. I just sold a kit last week, but I do have a couple complete manual ptos.
That profile pic is a nice setup.

Those ptos have double inner pulleys.
Dave if it is for a 200 series there was a special nut/pulley the replaces the crankshaft nut. You take the nut off and replace it with the nut/pulley. I guess it is really just a threaded pulley instead of a smooth bore pulley. Good luck finding one if you do not have it, Roger
Thanks for the quick response , kb . But are you saying a kit (say from E-bay) should come with a double pulley ? Or did all '66-71 gear=drives (even manual lift) came with this pulley ? Pretty sure the Electric lift started in '72 .

Sorry , I have no experience in this area .

Roger , I was referring to 110-112s . I've seen the 200 series setups . With the gas tank moved to fender deck they make the engine compartment seem more accessible .

PS: If you want to see details of my homemade hyd system , search "Nissan" . I think it's the 20th thread . Absolutely spellbinding reading !
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I had extra new ones made for 200 series if you need one.

That's what I don't know, if it was stock. I have 68-71 square fender manual ptos, they all have a double inner, including my 69 manual lift. The only electric ptos I have worked on are 200 series, and they work as Roger described, on the flywheel side similar to your profile pic.
All the flat fender 110s and 112s have the extra pulley on them. In RFs the extra pulley is on the 1966 and 1967 110s and 112s. Roger
Roger , I think you mean all f/fenders before the electric lift was offered ? That's what I didn't know/understand . There wouldn't be a need for a hyd pump pulley if all that JD offered was E-lift . At least there isn't one on my '74 112 which only came w/E-lift .

Apparently it was more cost effective to put the pulley on whether they came with hyd lift or not . As opposed to (the dealership ? )having to change pulleys to add the hyd lift . I had simply never seen the double pulley . Any body have a pic ?

Dave as you said JD generally didn't produce another part when the current one worked. They didn't want dealers to have excess inventory and expenses when one would do. If you look in JD parts you could see if the number changed in 1973/4 or stayed the same as the other years. Roger.
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