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Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Question?

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Does anyone know what the official size for the hydraulic quick disconnects are on JD 314 Lawn tractors. Are they 1/2" or 3/4"?
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The QD themselves are 1/4"

The steel hydraulic lines are 5/16, it can be quite hard to find some of the 5/16 fittings as they are not a standard but the 1/4 or 3/8 are easy to get.

I've been building the rear hyd kit and have found a few sources that get the odd ball size.

But yes Alan is correct on this for the QD

I'm working on installation of an H3 system and auxillary hydraulics for my 314. What are the parts sources you've found? Please!
Larry, I needed to remake the four front hydraulic lines for my 140 H3 restoration, I bought all the fittings and steel line from hoseandfittings.com you'll need to create an account to view the pricing but it is no big deal. I don't know what your looking for but they have a large selection.
Mark, also check out surpluscenter.com (Burden Sales). Excellent prices, just selection varies from week to week.

Romeo, is the pipe end size specific to 300's? I need a couple of QD's for my 400 and 1/4" females are only $4 but are 3/8" pipe.
Almost ordered some.
Not really most of the QD are 1/4 female but usually use a 45 or straight fitting which would bring it to the size of the line.

300 series use 5/16
400 series use 3/8 not completely positive if the 400 use the 3/8 though

Larry www.discounthydraulichose.com has just about all the things you might need. I have only had one thing backordered but was still shipped in a couple days of the original order.
The factory lines use an adapter to go from a male 37° flare to male 1/4" pipe thread. I think the factory lines are 5/16" tube which is harder to find fittings for than 3/8". Keep in mind that tube sizes are taken from the outside diameter of the tube whereas pipe sizes are based on God-knows-what. Pipe "strengths" are rated by "Schedules" with Schedule 40 being the standard and all others keeping that same OD but varying the ID as the wall thickness changes with the schedule. 1/4" Sch 40 pipe has a nominal OD of .540", wall thickness of .088" and an ID of .364". Note that none of those dimensions are .250" (1/4"). Would be nice to know the reasoning that resulted in pipe dimensioning as we know it.
They probably did that just to make sure you had to buy the stuff from John Deere.
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