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Hydro input shaft wasted

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Just got my basket case 318 running after a complete engine rebuild. Had a real bad vibration, and looked like the driveshaft was wobbling like a drunk on the splined input shaft. Got it apart and not only is the driveshaft yoke gone, it looks like the splines had seen better days. Easier to replace the entire transmission unit or input shaft?
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The input shaft is pretty simple to replace but I highly recommend having the service manual for doing the task. If the tractor is down and you need it right away I would replace the pump part of the trans.
You should be able to find some on here or e-bay that has a bad unit and pull the shaft from it.

A new one is close to $500

Need some help let me know
I have the TM on CD so that wouldn't be a problem and this isn't my primary machine. It just seems like this might be a tough part to come by on it's own.

Deere wants $510
Guess it's time to hit the wanted ads!
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I bought a complete not working unit from a fellow WFM'er for $25+shipping, just for that shaft.

WAY cheaper to go that route

Might even get in touch with Randy Becker or Roy Parker I'm sure they have a few bad ones kicking around you could rob the shaft out of.

I told you it wasn't cheap
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