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Hydro lever pushback?

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Hey all,
My 1984 318 runs nice and strong but when loaded (up a steep hill or pulling heavy) the hydro lever wants to creep back to neutral to the point I have to keep pressure on it. Is this normal? Any ideas?

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That dosen't sound normal to me. Have you adjusted the tension on the lever? MP
Its normal. Any time resistance is encountered on the hydro, the lever will pull back.

Just like plowing, most of us hydro guys have to keep a hand on the lever when going full tilt!
Thanks, That's what I needed to hear seeing as everything else seems to be normal.

There is a Jacobson turf-cat mower I run at work that has the same tranny as a JD 420 and we have a real steep hill to mow with it and when you go up it with the foot hydro it really hums and you have to push really hard to keep it moving. I usually use the Diff. Then and it also has RWA so she's true 4WD
If you don't like the creep back, you can tighten down the hydro lever so you don't have to keep your hand on it while mowing or plowing. I usually tighten mine down before every plow day and when I get home back it off a little.
"most of us hydro guys have to keep a hand on the lever when going full tilt!"

Travis has it right.....lol.

I have found that no 2 hydros perform the same when the lever is tightened down, some slip others do not.
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Yeah, yeah...
My little LT133 with a Kohler CV13 engine was all set to go mowing, when the starter jammed with the Bendix engaged. Pulled it off, and after forcing the Bendix to retract enough to get the snap ring off, I see that the Bendix nut under the drive pinion is stripped. I started with JD Parts Online to see what it would take to get me running. I need to get this tractor going again ASAP. There are two starter motors used on this model, Deere AM122535, listed as "marked 2409804-S," and AM132818, "marked 2409807-S." Mine is marked "2409804" with no -S suffix. Ordering the drive for the AM122535 results in a substitution of Deere part MIA11570, which is described as a "motor."
This doesn't look like a typical Deere part number, but it is listed Keeping it Green and other internet Deere parts vendors. The current (brand new last week) online LT133 catalog also lists SE501845 as "remanufactured for AM132818."

I did some cross-checking, both in JDParts and with other vendors. I assume that 2509804/7 are Kohler numbers, and a "where used" check on the SE501845 lists several STX, LT, LTR tractors, as well as one Scott's. The original starters on some of these had different Deere part numbers.

I did an internet search, using both the Deere numbers and the Kohler numbers, and got a ton of hits. They fall into two categories: well under $100 and around $150, for new starter motors. It looks to me as though Amazon and Ebay vendors are selling Chinese knock-offs, with Amazon and several others claiming their under-$100 motors are "genuine Kohler." Some of these have 13-tooth pinions instead of 10-tooth.

Through Deere, the later AM132818 lists for around $200, while the MIA11570 is around $150. No info on what the difference might be, and where-used on JDParts returns nothing.

Vendors selling what appears to be "real Kohler" 2609807 starters, with and without the -S suffix, are looking for around $150. The Deere remanufactured is around $125 plus a $10 core charge, and I suspect they'll only take the later starter as a rebuildable core.

Has anyone been through this drill before me? Any advice, comments, etc. Obviously, I can't move on ordering anything before Tuesday. If a Deere remanufactured is a reliable choice, and available reasonably quickly, that might be the best route for me that I can see right now.

Open questions: what's the MIA motor (Kohler/not Kohler)? Am I correct thinking that 2509807 is a Kohler number that fits several CV engines (2-cylnder as well as 1-cylinder)? What is the significance of the -S suffix on the Kohler number?

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Well, I guess I'm the Lone Ranger doing Ph.D. original research on these starter motors.
With the long weekend clock having ticked out,
I ordered an SE501845 remanufactured unit through the local Deere dealer. They told me there are six in the Denver warehouse, so I may have one by the end of the week. Core charge is $10, so if my old version starter isn't an acceptable core,
I'll just eat it.

It's really galling to hit Friday afternoon before a long weekend and discover that you've got three mower-equipped tractors, all broken.
Then to discover that you have to buy a whole new motor because spares are NLA for the one that just needs a Bendix.
I wish I could help you. I sold my LT133 a few years back and I sort of miss it. It was a good little mower.
Thanks for the note, Terry. I posted at some length on the topic, and am not overly surprised that I didn't get a response. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, if someone had actually been through this exercise. And if I'm the only one, may be worthwhile information for the next guy.

I'm really surprised at how good a little tractor the LT133 has been. It was, so far as I know, the bottom end offering by Deere dealers in 1998. Its big value for me is the 38" deck dimension with Tri-Cycler mulcher, which allows me to run safely with the chute removed. My front yard has plenty of landscaping, and trying to mow it with a 48" or 50" mower means a lot more finish work with a push mower and brush cutter.

After seven seasons of running, it was time to replace both belts, buy it a new seat, and go over it in some detail, in addition to refurbishing the mower deck as needed. For a machine that came to me as a $200 non-running junker, it's been worth the time and effort to bring it back to top shape, both mechanically and cosmetically.

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Time to close this out with a post mortem on what I did and the results. Tuesday morning, I called the Deere dealer to check on availability of the SE501845 Deere remanufactured starter. They told me there were six in the Denver warehouse, so I put in an order through my online account for one.
I specified "emergency order" but they put it through as a normal stock order, as I would not have gotten it sooner when their weekly stock order was being sent shortly after I put my order in.

The starter arrived at the dealer Friday afternoon, and I picked it up and returned my old starter (in pieces) for core credit. Got it installed in minutes, and the tractor is running.

The remanufactured starter is the later 2509807-S configuration, and is a much better starter than the old one ever was. While I was a bit annoyed at having to buy a complete motor when all I needed was a drive, I feel that getting the later version was very worthwhile.

Also, the "remanufactured" is not just a "rebuilt." I can't tell it from a brand new motor, at least from the outside.

Total elapsed time the tractor was down was right on one week, right to the hour.

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You could pull the Kohler model and spec number off the engine ID tag and go see what part number is listed on www.Kohlerplus.com (click I agree and enter as a guest). Then see how much a new one is from a Kohler dealer.
Mike, that may be a wonderful site. However, it works only with Internet Explorer.
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