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I need a cheaper parts supplier.....Help!!

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Here I am with a snowstorm on the way......and my 49 blower has fragged the beveled gears in the gear box.

John Deere dealer wants 170.00 for the two gears. I'm still in shock.

Is there a better place to order the gears or is the going price?
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Ryp, try the "Keeping It Green" link at the top of the page - it lets you punch in the part numbers. They are slightly cheaper than my local dealer, and I've had good service.

My guess is that those parts are just plain expensive no matter what.

Hi Ryp,
It is really bad luck that the snow thrower shear pin didn't protect the drive. Have you thought about looking for a used complete gear case? The 49 snow thrower and model 33 tiller use the same gear case. You might try a post on the "wanted" forum here to see if anyone has a parts unit.
Harold, thanx for tip! I'll see if anyone has something laying around.

Silly things look like spider gears out of a Dana 44!
Harold thanx for the tip. A member emailed me in response....the deal is underway. He junked out an old rusted 49.

Whew. Would've been cheaper to have the drive plowed by my buddy.

Harold, thanks for this info.

I have a 33 tiller that is pretty much toast and since I sold the 317 (have a 318 now) I now (thanks to you) have spare parts for the #49!

I never knew the gearbox was the same!

Hi, I have acquired a R72 for $40, did not run at the time, dumped the water out of it and did the usual tune up and oil change, runs great now. Question, the axle shafts coming out of that differential don't seem exactly level seem to tip up, apart from that the machine cuts and runs nice, the diff is it rebuild able? are there bushings or bearings in the output shaft housing? any tricks to dealing with unit?, anybody got a schematic on this rear end, cannot find any info on this rear end is it capable of being lubricated. To JD parts, this unit is an orphan, all they can do is belts batteries and tune up parts, etc, Thanks
Mick I did some research and the center differential was made by Peerless which was part of the Tecumseh corporation. There should be a small stamped tag on it that tell you the model and that may be enough for you to be able to get your needed parts. That differential was used on most Jd riders from the model 55 to the end of production. When Tecumseh went out of business another company bought the Peerless division but I am not sure how much parts support there is or who the purchaser was. If I can find out I will give you the name. Roger

PS Huskqvarna bought it. Roger
Roger, Thanks I need to get a little more involved into it and find the tag, was hoping someone had some experience with this rear end before I start another project. As it stands, it runs and cuts just fine. But was thinking if I let it go to long, it might destroy itself and Im out $40, and I hate to abuse the machinery it does a nice job on the small lawns.
I was able to find a link to a PDF file containing the information I need for this differential, and a whole host of other Peerless transaxles and gearboxes. www.wfmfiles.com/.../Tecumseh-Peerless...Differentials(691218).pdf if anyone else needs it,
I did rebuild the rear axle, this thing is so brainless a 5 year old could do easily. I returned to JD parts and logged on with my account and suddenly there is a lot more access to parts not shown if you don't use a account, weird!. I ordered 2 sleeve bushings and 2 of the grade 5 bolts as they just sheared on removal, yea grade 5! must be Chinese knock off bolts. Pressed the sleeves out and installed the new ones, went slick. Prior to reassembly I drilled a 1/8 hole 180 degrees from the ID tag on the same hub, counter drilled and tapped for the smallest grease nipple I could find, then put the grease nipple in. Refit it all back to the rider, shimmed the axles for alignment to the chain and zero side to side lash, so that differential does carry the load but the wheel bearings. Greased the diff with JD corn head grease till it started to appear at the axle sleeve bearings. Done! nice and smooth axle and perfectly horizontal, came out nice, I also re greased the axle bearings by using a hypodermic needle greaser slipped under the seal as they were dry but usable, Saved my little $40 R72.
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