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I've got an aftermarket 3pt hitch setup and a non 3pt hitch tilt n dump material collection system.
I believe the holes in my bottom brackets are in the wrong spot and not to JD spec on the OEM AM39116 bracket.
When I'm ready to remove my 3pt lift arms and connect my MCS I've got to lower my bottom bracket quite a bit. I usually use about 6 large fender washers.
Can someone with this bracket measure the distance from the top of the plate to dead center of the hole for me? I'd like to either make new brackets or have new holes drilled if they're not too close to the originals.

For the record, I've got both sets of top brackets. The ones with the single centered hole and the ones with two holes about an inch apart. Neither set allows the MCS to line up correctly.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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